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About Us
Build. Deploy. Adopt.

Reflections From Yesterday

GuTech Enterprises, Inc. was launch just prior to the turn of the century.


It's founders, Banking and Financial professionals, grew up with the technological advances in the wake of the computer shake-up. And dragged into the bubble phenomenon - what a BLAST!!!


Over the past 20+ years into the 21st Century, GuTech continues to deliver products and services for faster automated solutions. Continues to seek new technologies and partnerships in the wake of Digital Transformation.  

And now playing a major role in the FinTech revolution.

Our Logo

A company's logo is a definition of it's roadmap. It's commitment to it's goals and to it's customers.


GuTech's logo was redesigned on Thursday, April 2, 2015. The newly designed logo refocused the company's drive for innovative transformation solutions.


  • Circle: Community + Unity + Complete = Integration


  • Orange: Communicative + Social

  • Purple/Blue: Intuitive + Creative 

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