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About Us
Build. Deploy. Adopt.

Reflections From Yesterday

GuTech Enterprises, Inc. was established just before the turn of the century by a team of banking and financial professionals who witnessed the rapid technological advancements following the computer revolution. They were part of the exciting bubble phenomenon, which was truly exhilarating.


Throughout the 21st century, spanning over 20 years, GuTech has remained committed to delivering fast and automated solutions. We continuously explore new technologies and seek partnerships in the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation.


Today, GuTech plays a significant role in the FinTech revolution, shaping the future of financial technology.

Our Logo

A company's logo represents its roadmap, its commitment to its goals, and its dedication to its customers.


GuTech's logo underwent a redesign on Thursday, April 2, 2015. The new design symbolizes the company's unwavering drive for innovative transformation solutions.




Circle: Reflecting the values of community, unity, and integration.




Orange: Symbolizing communication and sociability.


Purple/Blue: Representing intuition and creativity.

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