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Our Prayers

ECSers worldwide share in prayers to those individuals that were hit by tragedy on September 11th, 2001. Emails have been exchanged asking about those that live in New York, in Washington, and those that have made the airways their home. ECSers are providing prayers for loved ones, friends, family, and American citizens.

I completed my studies at the American School of Madrid - Madrid, Spain. Previously I had lived in Puerto Rico attending the Episcopal Cathedral School. Upon my arrival to Madrid, Spain I was exposed to the closeness of tragic events having lived overseas. And now it hit US in our very own country. I recall upon my arrival to Madrid, Spain in 1980, on July 16th a few blocks from the hotel a car bomb exploded. And in subsequent years there were two military coops, and the Swiss Airline office bombing in Plaza De Espana.


I thank Ms. Lorraine Falcon  for her grand heart in extending the lines of communications among the ECS community worldwide - Ms. Falcon writes, 

"Dear friends and family:

After today's tragic events, I really want to hear from all of you that you are well and that you have not been directly hurt by what has happened. If you have been, if someone close to you has, please let me know so that I may lift you up in prayer.

I hope that you are all well, but as events unfolded today, I couldn't help but think that my friends and family might, in some way, be touched by this terrible tragedy.  I pray that we may all realize from this how frail we really are; how weak, even the strongest man-made structures are; and how we can only be TRULY protected by giving ourselves to our LORD Jesus Christ in mind and spirit. God bless you all!  In His love."



"America's tragedy is felt by all the world... ,Thank you, everyone, for your support during this difficult time. Our hearts go out to each and every one of you.", as portrayed by Ryan Garland.


Our alumni write ... (there are many more and more to come that we will continue to share amongst ourselves via email) ... comments capturing the essence of ECSers - their thoughts and prayers ...


Agustin Gonzalez writes, "Thank God - we are okay in Miami, FL. I work for Bank of America. Our offices are in the Bank of America Downtown Tower - the building that gets illuminated on various evening. We evacuated since this building and the First Union tower are attractive landmarks in Downtown Miami. But, tomorrow we plan to be back at work for business as usual. Bank of America had offices in the World Trade Center buildings in New York, NY. Our offices were located in the 9th and 10th floor. According to our company associates in New York the folks that were present at the office were able to evacuate after the plane crashes before the collapse of the buildings. Banc of America Securities had offices on the 87th floor - most associates have been accounted for. Thanks, Mrs. Falcon for your thoughts and kind words."


Eric Sobalvarro ('84) writes, "All is well in San Francisco, California :). It's a terrible tragedy, I'm sure all of you like me really don't know what to do or say.  This morning I watched a 757 from Thailand coming in for a landing to SFO around 11am PST and was concerned as all air traffic was supposed to be halted.  As soon as the plane landed two F16's positively TORE ass out of the general area of the airport headed out over the Pacific.  It results it was a flight originally headed from Thailand to LAX but was re-routed to us.  The city is so quiet, were so used to having flights overhead all the time. We live in strange times.  I hope all of you and yours are ok."


Michelle Perez writes, "Hello! I am in Long Island New York.  We are grief stricken here.  Hundreds of my students here at LIU have been personally affected but the devestating events today. My husband is and NYPD officer.  He is in the city now and I don't expect him home for the next few days.  He has called me and is fine.  However, the description of what he has seen will be burned in his heart & memory for ever. Your prayers and blood donations are greatly appreciated.  Please be with your families tonight & tomorrow.  My prayers are with all of you too."


Yosem Companys writes, "I am truly stunned by today's events.  If anyone saw the movie THE SIEGE, this attack was almost scripted from that Denzel Washington / Bruce Willis movie.  Unfortunately, the attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) was real and three of its buildings are now gone. I have lived and worked in NYC on several occasions.  I worked in the World Financial Center (part of the WTC complex) and on Broad Street, which is a couple of streets behind the WTC.  As luck should have it, however, I gave up on my offer to return to banking and decided to pursue a Ph.D. in the Bay Area, which spared me from witnessing the horrific events that took place. I am also lucky that I decided to return from Spain through Newark on Sunday, or I may not have been here writing today to all of you to express my deepest sense of sympathy to all of you who lost family members or friends today. I am not ashamed to say that I have been crying most of the day.  I think that even people who have no personal attachment to people working in the WTC would cry.  I am still not sure at this time, however, if I also lost close personal friends in the attack.  I am devastated to think that a place where I worked and shared a large part of my professional life in has disappeared forever. As I was returning from Spain flying into Newark on Sunday, I gazed through the airplane window at the WTC.  I told my girlfriend: "hey, take a look at the WTC.  We may not see it again in a while."  Little did I know then that it would disappear forever. If there is something that I ask from all of you is to stand behind our President.  We Americans can get through everything -- even disasters like this one -- as long as we present a united front against terrorism.  We must pray for the souls of the dead, especially those who committed suicide by leaping to their deaths in a desperate effort to escape the fire and destruction.  We must also pray for the living trapped in the rubble, as well as for their families.  May God give them fortitude and courage -- as well as the patience -- to survive this ordeal. There are no words to express the feelings of grief I have at this time.  I am comforted, however, to know that we share the same grief and pain -- and that together we will get through this difficult and trying time. Best wishes and deepest sympathy.


Cecilia Wandinga writes, "I already contacted some to say everything is ok in Pittsburgh since the planes went down about 1hr outside the City.  The downtown was evacuated though because it was believed the USX tower was a target.  Having lost people I care about in the Nairobi bombings this is really infuriating and just waiting on pins and needles to see if there is anyone I know in this round. Yesterday checked with all immediate friends and acquaintances and everyone is fine. Just the other night I was watching an old movie where there was footage of Gorbachev delivering his Peristroika speeches and I thought what incredible historic events we have witnessed.  Yesterday the Irish curse came to mind: May you live in interesting times.  The senseless of human hatred is unfathomable.  There is no way to emotionally recover from the loss created by such an event.  All we can do is help those that remain and work to find ways to prevent such situations from happening.  Right now there is a shortage of blood so anyone who can donate should contact a Red Cross center.  They are flooded with calls and ask you to leave your name, number and location/area you wish to donate so they can get back to you. My prayers go out to everyone affected."


Grisel De Leon (Mundo) writes, "Just a quick note to report on my cousin Rafi Sardina who lives and works in NY.  He and his wife are OK, their buildings were evacuated and like most of New Yorkers, they walked most of the way home until they could find transportation.  Please pray for them as they return to their jobs and try to resume their lives.  Pray for our nation's leaders and for our well being.

Giselle Esquilin (Rodriguez) writes, "I just logged on after two days of trying to make sense of this horrible
tragedy. I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and concern for those of us who experienced this tragedy first hand. I was working in the city but, thankfully, was not in the vicinity of the WTC.  I can tell you that it was pretty nerve wracking to not be able to leave the city and to wonder what else was going to happen.  Thankfully, I made it home ok to my children. I ask that we all pray for our President and his cabinet as they sift through evidence and as they strategize as to how to deal with this assault
on our freedom.  Also continue to pray for the safety of all New Yorkers as we continue to hear rumors of more bomb scares in the city. God bless you all and thank you for your concern.

Ms. Falcon writes, 

"Dear ECS Family:

These are very sad times in which we are living.  The events that have taken place in this country this week have shaken us up in so many ways!  One of the first things I did was to get in touch with as many of my friends and relatives as possible to make sure they were alright.  Even if they did not live or work in New York or D.C., this has been such a far-reaching nightmare, it has touched everyone in this country and around the world in numerous ways.

I have sat at this computer night after night and morning after morning, reading your e-mails.  Thankfully, every one I have received has reassured me of your safety.  But, there have been some of people who were in very close proximity to the places where the attacks took place, some who know people who were in those vicinities, some who were waiting to hear from friends and acquaintances in those areas, hoping they were alright.  I have been praising God for the safety of those who have replied; I have also been asking that He protect those from whom some of you have not yet heard.  I worry about those from whom I have not heard and I lift them up in prayer to the Lord, that they may be fine and that their silence to my communication may just be a result of the chaotic conditions that this disaster has caused in so many people’s lives.

We must pray together.  I know the most natural reaction in the face of things is to be angry or depressed; to ask for vengence or to want to crawl into a hole and shut out everything that is happening around us.  But we must seek a course of action somewhere in between those two extremes.  It is alright to feel anger...we would not be human otherwise.  The same is true of feeling an overpowering sense of sorrow and dispair.  But, we must not allow ourselves to be blinded by the anger or engulfed by a sense of helplessness. Neither of these is productive.

Action will be taken, in due time, by our governmental authorities.  Let them be the ones to make the difficult decisions that lie ahead.  Let us lift up our leaders in prayer that they will have the wisdom to make the choices that God would have them make.  We must, in turn, ask God to give us strength and courage to face the consequences of the decisions that will be made soon.

It is also important that we mourn the loss of lives, the loss of our sense of security in this country, the loss of our normalcy.  However, we must not allow ourselves to become paralyzed by the sorrow and grief.  That would be like being “dead” inside ourselves.  It would be just as tragic as having lost a loved one through this disaster.  

I know I still think of you as “my kids,” even though I try not to.  You are wonderful adults:  parents, spouses, professionals, friends, children of God, my brothers and sisters.  I love you all and I know this tragedy will help to bring out the best in all of us, so that our country will be able to “rise from the ashes,” like the legendary Phoenix and fly again.  Our united effort, our united prayer, will make this possible.  And it will all be for the Glory of God Almighty.

In His Love.

Episcopal Cathedral School Founded in 1946