Our first visit to the office Mrs. Brown's smirks (mohines)
Miss Gutierrez "Quizmos" Eric's chair in Mrs. Magali's room
El peo quimico de Mildred Ramon "on the rocks"
Mr. Ramnarine y loas garbanzos Mrs. Malave's baggies
Throwing stuff out of room 204 Miss Falcon's pink slip-joke to Ramon
Mrs. El Gammal and her mass detention Karen's diets
Our hydrochloric bomb in Mrs. Malave's room Joann's calories
Mrs. Magali y sus brillantes ideas "The baby killer"
Jane's arguments with Mrs. Ramirez Tim's gourmet dishes
Fr. De Hope's Jokes El tanque de Yick
Fr. Kringel's " NO ... !!!" "Pizza Party" during Chemistry class
Pig disection Ramon's hobby: attending Summer School
Tails on boys' pants The "kleptomaniac" headmaster
Mrs. Malve's "Shat up, damet" Choosing a dedication for the yearbook
Miss Falcon's laughing fits Mrs. Mendez's "BOMBA"
Mrs. Scarpaci's trip to El Morro Arriving one second before the bell rang
Raju's modesty The dilema of choosing a chaperone for the FUGA
Our trip to Vega Baja The thing they call the Senior Lounge
Norma ... FUGA !!!
Daphne and Rosanna's fights Senior Take-over
Joe and his excuses Mrs. Colon's "school supply"
What library? Agustin, "El cubano enano"

Episcopal Cathedral School - The Tower - 1983 - Santurce - Puerto Rico