We Shall Always Remember ...

Mr. Gelpi's chalk-and eraser-throwing "Discoteca Gay"
Rosa's cow abuse. Lambistoque in the bush con sasquatch doble por encima.
Our pig surgery. Los ataques de Ana.
Los espejuelos de Tomas. Marciano
The computer fad. Maria's "empty" car
Etienne's accidents and his verge of death. Madelin's big smile.
"El terror de la pintura" Our good reputation.
Mike's "good" conduct in class. Michele's facial expressions.
Mr. Remus' eraser-throwing and rule-breaking. Fr. Bobby Pretzel.
Andy fruitless lovelife. Adriana and Women's Lib
Pollo Picu, our mascot. Fr. Kringel's pipe and martinis.
Rita's baking. La sorpresa de Medina (La fuga)
Arnel's trips to the water-front. Las parejas de '80.
The traumas in Psychology. Denise's laughing fits.
Edwin Rodriguez' sudden growth. Ms. Falcon's Christmas list.
"Sasquatch" The human computer: Edwin Perez.
El bati-volky de Irving. Our Farewell Dance and the disc-jockeys.
Los garbanzos en decimo. Mr. Medina's clothing combinations.
La chiva de Sergio.

Episcopal Cathedral School - The Tower - 1980 - Santurce - Puerto Rico