We Will Never Forget .........

" Yo No Soy Una Titera." The Dumb-Bell Chemistry Course For The E.C.S. Dumb-Bells.
The Observatory With Ms. Mangual. Reduction Of Senior Class: Nene, Martinez, Melvin, Trepa.
Mrs. Colbergs, "Four" Fuga - (Mr. Diaz's  Van and Yacht?)
Mrs. Nieves', "Ok, I'm Waiting!" Annie' Dancing (And Ismael).
Kirsty's Boyfriends. The Airplane Pictures.
Mr. Gelpi And Mrs. Rivera. The Hassles Of The Yearbook.
Viviam's 7 Months Field trip. Ms. Falcon's Quizez & Essays, & Cesar's Discussions With Her.
Mr. Remus' Pink Slips ..... His Tests. Mr. Medina's Crea Haircut & "Folks".
La Pocilga Fr. Kringel's Favorite Correction "May I"
Cebu, Concord, Enema, Jirafa, Mayda, Fardo, Alcohol, Jaws. Las Siestitas Que Nos Dabamos En Fisica Y Calculus.
Doris' And Daphne's Clapping And Operas. Lunches At "Sole Mio" & The Late Arrivals.
Ostion, Viviam, Daphne Y Luz. The Day We Were All Sent To The Office For Being "Late"
El Fraile De Soloni. Mr. Medina's Favorite Saying - "Don't Complain ..... One Question."
David West, Gilbert, Michy and Edgardo "El Gago". Miguel's Singing.
El Macho Peludo Y Luego Calvo. La Cancion De La Serrania.
Famous Couples - Luz & George, Mike & Daf, Luke &Doris, Judy & Steve. Big Bird and Pava.
La Cucaracha De .................. Mr. Diaz's Discoteque?
Chilindrina- Mrs. Clary and Mikito. Kim's Beach Bums.
Ms. Marbut's "Claas" Judy's Polished Pope.
Wartime In The Lab. ---Bola De Queso
Dado, Doctor Spock.
8 Demerits For getting Wet In May 1st Rain.
Window Shopping.
"Mis Ninitos"
Nelson's Darkroom Techniques.

Seniors Of '79

La Quimestria De Pancho.
"I Can Surpass My Teachers"
Fr. Kringel's Pets, Slinky & Laugh.

Episcopal Cathedral School - The Tower - 1979 - Santurce - Puerto Rico