John Guzman '82

"John Writes"

Just wanted to let you know your site has found Mrs. Lorraine Falcon,
our history teacher!  (Now married name Marrero.)  I have written her an
extensive "what's happened to me in the last (almost) 20 years."  I've
attached it to this e-mail as a PDF file, thinking I might as well post
this on our site.  Let me know if you want it in another format.  Also,
I discovered some pictures.  Those also, are attached as PDFs.

Let me know what the next step would be to post them.  Thanks for your
help, Agustin!  Your hard work on the site has really been a windfall of
emotions for me.  I've been contacted by Rosanna and Ralph, Cynthia
Wongus, and Myra Quinones!  



CLASS OF 1982.PDF (Updated on 7/28/01)

My coloring books are immortalized on the Internet, you can view them at: 

Thanks again for making all new memories for me.

John Guzman