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Class of 1983 - "Dinner Event"



The Class of 1983 hosted a dinner in Miami, FL at Los Ranchos Restaurant in Coral Gables on Saturday, August 2nd 2003. 

This mini-reunion was held in honor of  Mrs. Magali Rodriguez.




"Mrs. Magali y sus Ninitos"


It was a great pleasure to be honored by Mrs. Magali's presence. 

On Saturday, August 2nd, 2003 the Class of 1983 hosted a dinner event at Los Ranchos Restaurant in Coral Gables, FL.

Amongst the attendee's there were ECS alumni representing the class years for '80, '82, '83, '88 and '89.

It was so nice to see how each alumni shared their memories - it did not matter if you were class of '83 or '88 we still recalled Mrs. Magali's - "yo me mi con migo, tu te ti consigo, el la lo se si con sigo" and "a, ante, bajo, cabe, con, contra, de, ... por, segun, si, sobre, tras". 

For many of us it had been about 20 - 23 years since we had seen each other. So you can just imagine what some of the conversations taking place were - from do you remember "fulanito or fulanita",  wow look at the picture of fulanito (looking at the year books), and how we used to "dial" by "tapping" the public phones when we did not have a dime.

We would like to thank Daphne Perez - Class of 1983 for coordinating the dinner event in honor of Mrs. Magali.

Now, take a look at some of the pictures in celebration of this event !!!

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