Flamenco Con Sabor Latino

by Agustin (Gus) L. Gonzalez & Alumni

ASM The Sunshine State Mini-Reunion

November 20th 1998




It was a BLAST !!! I want to thank ALL that were able to attend the "1st Happy Hour Get Together" at Fat Tuesdays this past Friday, November 20th 1998 here in Miami, Florida. It was YOU ALL that made this reunion a SPECIAL occasion for ALL.

The OVERALL feedback is ... WE WANT ANOTHER ONE !!!

Next, we can get togehter for dinner at a Spanish restaurant for chorizo, jamon serrano, un caldo gallego, boquerones, lenguado & gambas a la planch, tortilla, vino tinto Espanol, sangria, cervezas mahou, etc ... or wherever we can be ASMers again !!!

These reunions, have sprung up because we have "found" each others once again. The World Wide Web has been a great tool in getting us all intouch again. It just takes one of us ... in Miami, Florida it was Gus ('83) ... in Burbank, California it was Michelle ('69) ... it can be ANYONE of US ... anywhere, anytime, anyplace ...

We hope that these reunions will be the pillars, cornerstones, foundations for future reunions leading to the ASM - Year 2001 Reunion in Madrid, Spain. In addition, we want that reunions continue for years to come !!! These reunions will promote ASM, promote our Alumni, forming a solid Alumni Program for The American School Of Madrid - Madrid, Spain.

I was unable to take pictures of every little thing that was going on; there was so much that was going on during the 4 hours, we all were "back at ASM". And all the things we wanted but did not have the time to do. The feeling amongst us was ONE. The ALUMNI gathered represented almost 30 years of history; from 1963 through 1992 we were there saying PRESENTE !!!

I for one was very nervous; didn't know who would show up, didn't know what everyone expected, but as each and everyone started to stroll in - faces I had never seen before; others that I remembered (Tim, Christine & Dianne) - regardless they all became familiar almost immediately - just seeing the smiles, listening & participating in the conversations, folks looking at the yearbooks, pictures, ASM Today & ASM monthly newsletters, Alumni Program brouchure brought a sense of warmth, serenity and happiness.

- Agustin (Gus) L. Gonzalez (ASM Class '83)

Gus, Great job in arranging the littel reunion partyt at fat Tuesday's. I thought it was very nice to see such a diverse crowd of alumni. As a matter of fact I was surprised to see that you got in touch with the 60's crowd and not so much the 70's and 80's people. Maybe those ex-ASM'ers moved to colder places in remote parts of the World, God only knows.....

Let me know of any future activities that you are planning and maybe I can be of assistance for ther arranging of them in the future. Best Wishes,

- Carl Kallen (ASM Class '89)

Gus, Just a few lines to congratulate you on the Happy Hour last Friday. Thank you for getting us together, some of us had not seen each other in 30 years!!!!!!.

I got an email today from Michelle. Apparently she has contacted more ASMers in the West coast!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!! 

- Xamara M. Villar (ASM Class '69)

Hello Gus! I believe none of us can thank you enough for making this First Get Together a tremendous success...We had a great time and meeting new faces from ASM years was a fantastic experience that hopefully can be repeated in the future...

I hoped that some others ASMers from my class would have showed up, but I'm sure that after seeing the pictures and stories, they will be sure to attend the next one...Again, thanks for the fantastic job you are doing...Count me in for the next one!!! Have a great day !!!

- A.J. Cancio (Wolfie) (ASM Class '63)

Challenge? Ok, now that you mention it, I have been trying to figure out a way to top your reunion. You're on!! I can't resist a challenge! I am sure I can't make it better - I can't top PERFECTION - but I can go for bigger!

I loved the photos! As they loaded, a song from the 70s kept going through my head: "Antici-pa-ay-tion ... is keepin' me way-ay-ay-ay-aiting"! The grins say it all. I absolutely understand the feelings behind the pictures. You are right, they are well worth the wait.

Wish I could have hopped a plane to be there, but I was there in spirit.

I hope you were able to enjoy the reunion. Sometimes when you put so much work into something it is difficult to just kick back and enjoy the results of your efforts. You did a great job ... a terrific, fantastic, wonderful, super, great job! Un fuerte abrazo.

- Michelle (Fearey LaGue) Mock - (ASM Class '69)

Gus, It was nice meeting you. You have done a good job in hosting that reunion, and we DO look forward to coming events. It is very good to share that special common bond with such good people.

The picture spread is great! I fear I came out in too many of them . Habia tias guapas que podian haber adornado tu site mejor qulas caras de viejos! 

Lo unico que yo sugeriria para la proxima reunion seria un sitio que permitiera mas conversacion con musica menos fuerte, y tal vez poner oldies y musica espanola.

- Bill Mock (ASM Class '69)

Absolutely amazing!!!! Never in my wildest dreams a while back would I have thought to see my classmates in pics. Thankyou so much for giving me the chance to see that. It was just great! They all look well but I have to admit I missed Carmen's long beautiful hair. That reunion must have been very intesesting and fun for all. Oh,it is really too bad not to have been there..... Gus,thanks for making the impossible possible!

- Connie(Guzman)Coleman (ASM Class '69)

Hi Gus!, It was great meeting you, your family and everyone that came to the reunion!!! The pictures are great!!!!! Really enjoyed myself, Elena (my wife) also got a real kick out of our trip down memory lane!! Well done, I know there are a lot of ASM'ers that could have made it and didn't.- Their incredible loss and next time, I think they will not pass on the opportunity.
Stay well and talk with you soon,

- Jose Ferrer (ASM Class '74)

Heidi, Thanks for the continuation of my memories of Moncloa; yeah - playing quarters with duros. I remember that Stephan Buriyanik (sp ?) and I would sit at opposite sides of the small black tables in Saxos (two or three together depending on the number of players playing) - in Athena we had some sort of couch, in Maui it would be something different and there were two other bars upstairs; next to me in the corner 7 to 9 sweating bottles of mahou. As either he or I made it in ( a close tap on the table with a high bounce, an across the table tap with a dunk with a small splash, a roll of the nose bouncing into the glass, calling "nipples" or "rim" and risking it to try to bounce it in again, or simply make a "rule" if you made it three in a row - usually, the first was can't say drink, drank or drunk, second "no pointing"- we had to use our elbows, third "can't swear") we would pass the "tall full glass" to one of the "un-lucky" players - they would have to drink till they got the "duro" with their teeth ... once the beer ran out - the whole scene would repeat itself (till we ran out of pesetas - just enough left to share a cab ride home and get a slice of pizza at Western Pizza) ... and if their wasn't beer it was a "pitcher of kamakazi". But, on the train trip to Paris - back in 1982 - there was beer but not kamakazi - but wine did just fine !!!

- Agustin (Gus) L. Gonzalez (ASM Class '83)


ASM "1st Happy Hour" Miami, FL Pictures - Nov. 20th 1998

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