El Patio Español

by Jim Vasconcellos, '79

ASM: "San Francisco" - Northern California II "Mini-Reunion"

February 6th 1999




I am very pleased to say that the first ASM Northern California mini-reunion was a great success. Nine ASM alumni attended; a record for California. Including friends and spouses, we had a total of fourteen. We all met on Saturday, February 6th in San Francisco. The Union Español de California has a restaurant called El Patio Español. I arrived early and was greeted warmly by the staff. When they learned who we were, the conversation in Spanish took off. The tapas and drinks were enjoyed by all.

We compared stories about our lives in Spain. It was really interesting to hear the similarities among all we experienced, even though the classes represented spanned from 1964 through 1981. Probably the funniest thing was the disbelief that spouses & friends had about us being able to stop off for a beer after class. And how all of us were "shown" how to bar-hop when we turned 21 in the states! We all confirmed it, but it was still a little surprising to them.

Michelle handed around the ASM yearbooks for everyone. It was a big thrill for the spouses & friends to see what we looked like back then.

It is such a small world. It turned out that an Air Force Reserve colleague of mine works with Steve Alessi at American Airlines. Cecile said, "Yes, of course I know Steve Dickey!! how do you?"

We all stayed until about 10 PM, and then braved the downpour to go home, feeling connected to something we all take pride in. Not even the awful weather could dampen that spirit.

Attending were (distances approximate):

David Cooley '80 and Renée his wife (from Sacramento, 125 miles)

David Robinson '65 (from Piedmont, 25 miles)

Sergio (Dennis) Cerda '64, his girlfriend Tina Marr (from Alhambra, 400 miles), and her local friend Larry.

Marc Venturella '81, and his wife Megan (from Emeryville 16 miles)

Carol Farron '69 (from Lodi, 95 miles)

Michelle Mock '69 (our tireless West Coast organizer, from Corona, 440 miles)

Cecile Alessi '77 (Michelle's sister, from Paso Robles, 200 miles)

Leslie Smith-Deely '68 and her husband Tom (from San Francisco)

and of course me, Jim Vasconcellos '79 (from San Jose, 45 miles)


ASM: 1st Northern California San Francisco, CA Pictures - Feb. 6th 1999


Coordinator's E-Mail Address: Michelle (Fearey LaGue) Mock ('69)