El Clarín Meets Reflections

by Michelle (Fearey LaGue) Mock '69

ASM Southern California Mini-Get Together

October 29th 1998




"This must be the place," said the gentlemen carrying the stack of Reflections yearbooks. "This IS the place," said the women with the stack of El Clarín yearbooks. Brief introductions gave way to non-stop conversation. The conversation was warm and friendly, not stilted nor awkward. The bond between ASMers is truly like family.

We ordered our dinners and kept talking throughout. As soon as we had finished, we cleared the area to look at yearbooks. So much has changed through the years, but so much remained the same. The campus is bigger and the soccer field now has grass! Today, you need to call ahead before visiting the school or you will probably not be admitted. The vacant hills and fields that surrounded the campus in 1968 have been replaced by housing and other developments. The campus is now enclosed and there is a guard at the entrance. So much has changed, but so much remained the same.

Many teacher and faculty names came up. We all remembered Mme. Asúnsolo, Mr. Belanger, Mrs. Campbell, Mr. Casariego, Mrs. Curbera, Mrs. Echols, Mrs. Fernandez, Mrs. Haer, Mr. Hawkins, Mrs. Mock, Mr. Santoro, Mme. Terzano and Mrs. Villalvazo. Is it possible that over a span of more than a dozen years, we had all experienced many of the same teachers? At a school where the student body was constantly changing, the teachers and faculty remained remarkably consistent.

The strict dress code of the 1960s, was replaced by much more casual styles in the 70s and 80s. Does anybody remember the sweater revolt of 1969? Mrs. Haer and the large group of boys that got called into her office probably do! Eventually, the jackets and ties were replaced with sweaters and a wide variety of other fashions. Guys with ponytails? ¡Qué horror! Looking back, the conservative jackets and ties probably did look better. Speaking of conservative, does anybody remember the classic 1968 yearbook photo captioned: "New School ... New Problems"? Dale and Monica dared to blaze the trail for the mini-skirt generation.

Someone mentioned the game of "Quarters". Now, was this just a guy-thing or did the girls from the 60s just live a sheltered life? Must have been a guy thing! Well, I guess you don't ask, "What is 'Quarters'?" if you don't want a demonstration. Now, I can't divulge the secrets of the Quarter Masters who were kind enough to teach us the finer points of this game of strategy and expertise, you had to have been there. However, I can share the photos and you may be able to glean a bit of technique from them.

As Mark Vasconcellos ('81) said, "The Burbank Reunion was a success ... a big success ... a HUGE success!" Carol Farron ('69), Michelle (Fearey LaGue) Mock ('69), Cheryl Fearey LaGue ('72), Vic Hightower ('80) and Jeff Hightower ('90) concurred. ¡Hasta la próxima!


ASM "Mini-Get Together" Burbank, CA Pictures - Oct. 29th 1998


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