¡Viva Madrid!

December 17th, 1999

 by Michelle (Fearey LaGue) Mock '69

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Do you remember having tapas in Madrid? The scent of garlic and olive oil mixed with the tobacco smoke. What did we smoke?  Ducados, Rex, Bisontes, Marlborro, Lark... some chose Celtas or Camel without a filter. Almost everyone smoked. Of course!  It was possible to buy loose cigarettes on any corner!  It was easy.  

We could also drink. Cañas, tintos, cuba libres, gin, rum... What life we led as young people in Madrid! So young and so innocent, but we knew how to have a good time! And we have not yet forgotten. The years have passed (thirty already? incredible!) but still we know how to party and we still have many fond memories of those days of our youth.  

From Madrid to Viva Madrid!  The restaurant in Claremont, CA gave us some new memories. Here I was with my husband, Jerry, Nanette Espinosa '69 and Sergio (Dennis) Cerda ' 64.  Without a doubt, we had returned to Madrid... Spanish omelet, fried squid, potatoes "bravas" with spicy tomato sauce, chicken croquetas, mushrooms with chorizo, lamb chops, melon with jamón serrano and a bread basket with olive oil. We also had Spanish beer (Ambar and Star of Galicia, but they didn't have Mahou nor Aguila). The only thing that was missing was the smoke and more people than would fit comfortably.  We are in California where you can't smoke in restaurants (or in almost any other place) and other laws prohibit squeezing people in like sardines in a tin.  In fact, those are the only things that I do not miss about Spain.  

Viva Madrid is a small restaurant.  Approximately forty people fit  (and not like sardines). We listened to music from Spain, clapping to the flamenco rhythm.  Nanette and Sergio sang... how did the words go? Granada, Aranjuez... The other patrons watched us, and some clapped along.  We did not know that Nanette also knows how to dance flamenco. What a talented woman!  Dressed in red and black, with a fringed black shawl, she was ready to dance. Ah! but the shoes, were not good for flamenco. She needed heels ... shoes that would make noise.  Mine they would be perfect!  She has small feet, only a size five, and mine... six. Caramba!  I quickly removed them (good thing she didn't want my dress) and Nanette put them. Olé!

Later the music changed to a Paso Doble.  Sergio got up and together they danced. They must think about dancing professionally.  They were great!  There were only four of us for this mini-reunion.  Several had to cancel because they were sick with the flu! We did a toast thinking of those who couldn't join us, especially Carol  Farron '69 and Greg Picco (husband of Tina Presley ' 67) who were celebrating their birthdays.  We had a great time, as always.  Health, love and pesetas and time to spend them!  

Until the next one!


ASM: "Viva Madrid" - Claremont, CA - Dec 17th 1999


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