Perpetual International

ASM Reunion Tour

by Michelle (Fearey LaGue ) Mock '69

San Francisco, CA

Saturday, November 27th 1999




As a hot air balloon floated lazily above the vineyards in Paso Robles, California, I began my drive north to yet another ASM mini-reunion. This would be my third mini-reunion in San Francisco this year.  Each time the drive is easier and the adventure is more energizing. 

Leslie Smith Deely ('68) had told me about plans for a small mini-reunion with her brother Ken (ASM '70), his girlfriend Sharon Reynolds (both of whom I met in Miami last August), and an American College of Switzerland classmate of Leslie's, Cavan Candito.  My family was planning to be at my sister's home in Paso Robles for Thanksgiving, which put me more than halfway to San Francisco.  With a few minor adjustments to my planned weekend, I was on my way, taking my daughter with me. 

This was my daughter's first trip to San Francisco and she had recently established an e-pal friendship with Leslie's daughters, so she was anxious to accompany me.  

The trip was uneventful and we arrived in San Francisco at noon.  I called Leslie on my cell phone and she told me to meet her in front of the church near her house.  The girls and several friends were planning to go ice skating down at the Embarcadero, where a special outdoor holiday ice rink had been set up.  Even in California you can ice skate outdoors in the winter (but you don't need heavy coats - we are so lucky - we've got it all)! 

Leslie and I had sent last minute emails to every ASMer and ACSer we knew of in California.  Since this event was a very last minute decision, and a holiday weekend, we figured that we might get a few additional attendees ... or not.  We had heard from Roger Shepard '75 who was doing his best to make schedule changes in order to join us and we made a last minute cell phone call to Jimmy Presley '71 and left a message on his machine. 

The teenagers took off walking towards the skating rink and Leslie and I headed for Hunan's restaurant.  On our way, we passed by the office of Carlos Lara '69.  Just in case, we rang the intercom, planning to drag him away from work if he was there.  Unfortunately for us, this was one weekend he decided to take off (what a concept!). 

At Hunan's, we were joined Cavan, Ken Smith and Sharon.  As it turned out, no one else was able to make it, but we had a great time just the same!  We talked and talked all through lunch.  There never is a shortage of topics at these mini-reunions.  As usual, we ordered too much food (or talked too much to eat it), but we had an excellent time.  Later, we walked back down Broadway and stopped for café.  As we sat there our cell phones kept ringing.  What did we ever do before cell phones and email?  I can't imagine!


ASM: "Perpetual International" - Northern California - Nov 27th 1999


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