ASM: The Sunshine State

"1st Happy Hour"

Miami, FL - U.S.A.

November 20th, 1998

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Rafael Diaz-Balart ('68) and Bill Mock ('69) having a conversation. In the background Esther Curry ('92) speaks with Kenneth Smith ('70).

Kenneth Smith ('70) chats with Tim Tudor ('81) while Rafael Diaz-Balart ('68) talks with Tim Tudor's wife Chris about the ASM monthly newsletter.

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Jose Ferrer ('74) & Aurelio Cancio ('63) talking about Madrid, Spain.

Jose Ferrer ('74) was the "one" that started the cross-crounty runs ... "vamos a pozuelo, nos tomamos un canita y regresamos" ... atradition that was "followed" by the Class Of 1983 and others ...

Xamara Villar ('69) & Carmen Pickett ('69) listen to the stories and memories told by ALL.

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(Photos Courtesy: Agustin (Gus) L. Gonzalez)

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