ASM: The Sunshine State

"1st Happy Hour"

Miami, FL - U.S.A.

November 20th, 1998

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The reunion t-shirt !!! This was and still is an item. Not only did the alumni attending receive a t-shirt but, additional t-shirt's were given for alumni parents, brothers & sisters that also attended ASM and/or were part of the ASM administration.

The soccer key ring brought smiles to many, especially Jose Ferrer ('74) - he remembered when Henry Sanz ('69) used to coach the soccer team.

In addition, to the t-shirt those attending signed a "guestbook" - maybe this "guestbook" should be mailed to the coordinator's of future mini-reunions !!!

Seen here are yearbooks from '81, '82 & '83 with the corresponding class pictures of 10th, 11th & 12th grades for the 1983 graduating class.

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The ASM Today publication was made available as well as the ASM monthly newsletter ... and CANDY !!!

More CANDY and information about the American School of Madrid ALUMNI PROGRAM.

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(Photos Courtesy: Agustin (Gus) L. Gonzalez)

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