ASM: The Sunshine State

"1st Happy Hour"

Miami, FL - U.S.A.



ASM: The Sunshine State "1st Happy Hour"



Madrid, Spain

1st Happy Hour Reunion


( "ASM: 1st Happy Hour - Miami, FL - Go Lancers !!! T-Shirt" )

CocoWalk - Coconut Grove, FL

Where: Fat Tuesday @ CocoWalk - 2nd Level

Coconut Grove, FL  33133

When: Friday - November 20th, 1998

(Can anyone, guess what happened on this date, and the year -  back in the 70's ?)

Time: 7:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Dress: Casual / Relaxing / Hanging Out

Agenda: OPEN

R.S.V.P.: Gus Gonzalez ('83)

Basically, we will just meet at Fat Tuesdays in Coconut Grove as if we were meeting at Las Cuevas in Plaza Mayor or at Saxos in Moncloa - "get to know one another", chat about A.S.M. (i.e. "our days"), our teachers, and other interesting topics ..., play some drinking games (i.e. "quarters" / "Coronal Puff, Puff" / "Bumper"), compare year books (i.e. 60's-90's), etc ..


Later, since we will be in the Coconut Grove area we can go catch a bite to eat !!!

Please, let other ASMer's in the South Florida area know ... it's just a few ASMers meeting for happy hour to chat about then and now - and keep in touch for the future !!!


ASM and Madrid, Spain - Forever !!!

The one thing I have realized is that it does not matter what year we have graduated - in the 60's, 70's, 80', or 90's - A.S.M., Madrid, Spain and the influences vested upon "us" has always remain the same ... for example:

Hanging Out (Friday/Saturday Nights)

Having sangria at Las Cuevas in Plaza Mayor (i.e. we would do this in the middle of winter - while the Spaniards would be indoors we would be the "gringos" outside in the cold weather enjoying our sangria) or hanging out at the Litter Bar, El Parador Nacional, Bora Bora, Western Pizza, Saxos, Athena, etc ...


Same "old" school buses ... especially, the small afterschool buses ... SENIORS always sat in the back !!!

Prom Nite: Junior/Senior

The Spaniards would usually say ... "Ahi van los novios" they would be under the impression that due to the guys wearing tuxes (i.e. they were rented each year from the same place - hand tailored made tuxes - great quality - I bet, the one I used in 1982 was the same one I used in 1983 - looked new, two years in a row and it fits ... now, well that's a different story) and the girls in their prom dresses (styles: changed in the 90's) that it was a massive wedding party.

Teachers & Education At ASM

The education we received at ASM is of exceptional quality !!! The teachers that have been there thoughout the years have a special talent ... Ricardo ('69) and I ('83) spoke very highly about Mrs. Fernandez, Carmen De las Heras and Santoro - what we learned "sticks" with us - isn't that amazing !!!


From 1967 onward ASM has thoughout the years had great sport teams - with coaches such as Callejon ("Change, Change"), Carlos Herrera, and one of our '72 graduates John Comiskey. And what about, our "cross country" runs at lunch time ? Well, if it meant running to Pozuelo, having a "caņita and tapas" and then "walking" back - that was always fine with us.

The list can go on ... but, I'll leave that up to ya' ll   !!!

ASM: The Sunshine State "1st Happy Hour"



Coordinator's E-Mail Address: Gus Gonzalez ('83)